Meet your true love here! At Odin's Orphans, we pride ourselves on finding you the perfect match.
From the most laid back to the most out going, we will help find you the love of you life!
    Cinder- 2 years old
    Young & Full of Energy
    Are you fun, free and out doorsey? If so, I'm ya gal! I love games, running and hanging with friends and if you are too, then let's meet! Interest: love, fun, families; Dislikes: someone who steals my toys,
  2. Executive Director
    Saoirse- 9 months
    Game of Dogs
    Ready for an adventure? Let's meet in the yard for a secret run and play, then head to the couch for some cuddles! Interest: Friends with pups Dislikes: Cross Trainers and hikers
  3. Executive Director
    Piper, 1.5 years old
    Shy and Loving
    I love good whine, laughter and runs through the park. Not seeking someone who will be rough on my knees. Interest: families, kids, toys; Dislikes: non- attention seekers and 1 month stands
  4. Executive Director
    Lover not a Fighter
    Novel toy chewer and treat coinsure. Into other dogs, cats and adores all attention. I'm ready for the leash life! Interest: families, friends and food Dislikes: I love everything!
  5. Executive Director
    Caelyn- about 1
    I'm all about those cuddles and snuggled filled nights. I love being around everyone and very easy going Interest: Snuggles, cuddles and bely rubs Dislikes: Still trying to figure that one out!
  6. Executive Director
    Ivey- almost 1
    I'm a spicy little thing! I'm inquisitive, love the water and I like my own things. I'm the type that if you give me an inch, Ill run a 5k Interest: Water, fun play time Dislikes: Crowded personal space
  7. Executive Director
    Mayzie- about 1
    I'm a water rat
    I'm the outgoing, full of personality priss who loves to make a splash! If dogs were stunt doubles, I'm ya gal Interest: Playtime and swimming pools Dislikes: laid back people and pups
  8. Executive Director