My Story
 Hi there, I'm Dean! I sweet, loving boy who is looking for a loving home to spend the rest of my life in! Now that I am not so afraid of humans, I'm out exploring the world! My brother, Sam, and I, are having the best time now. When we were found, we had a nasty, itching bug in our skin that even made us look funny but we are now getting so much better! One of our favorite things to do, go to the Petstore and climb in the beds! See for yourself in our picture!

I am current on all of my puppy shots that will keep me growing strong and healthy! I'm also going to visit my vet friend soon so she can help make it where I don't have to be a daddy. Not that I don't like the little puppies I get to play with, but I love the independant life!

I can't wait to show more pictures of me as I grow, so stay tuned to "Dean and Sam"