My Story
A lot of you probably saw the post if this sweet baby at one of our local shelters. She was found as a stray and in pretty rough shape. They did have their vet look at her and were told the cost could be $800-1,000. So the shelter started reaching out to rescues to see if they could help her. We really weren't sure where we could place her as all of our fosters are full. But after staring at the face for a few minutes we knew we would figure it out. She had until 5 to find a rescue or she would be euthanized so we asked if someone to get her to our vet. A plea was put out for funds also and we are very grateful to anyone who donated!
We have named her Ripley and even though she has obviously been thru hell, she walked in the office wagging her tail and giving everyone kisses. Every single mammary has ruptured due to the infection she is fighting. There are some that are pretty bad and others that are smaller. The hole that is located on her rear end is so deep you can actually see bone! And to top it all off she has heartworms :( she has a very long road of recovery but we will be with her every step of the way. Once she is completely healed she will undergo heartworm treatment also but that's down the road. We will keep updates of her progress as she gets better and better!
4/15/18 UPPDATE- One week has past since Ridley came to us and look how amazing she is doing! Her wounds are healing so Well! She loves playing with the other orphans! She is a cuddlebug! She still has a way to go but we are so happy we get to share this journey with her!