My Story
Yep, you guessed, it's none other, than the one and only, Miss Teagan!  I'm a small girl and I love it. I can fit in those tiny spots on the couch and chair and curl right up to you! 

I also love to play with other pups, just sometimes, I can be a bit bossy. My manners are good but I can use some help in the boss area. I have also been doing really well on meeting new people, especially the guys, but I am getting there!

I love checking out the events we do. I get to show off my inner and outer beauty, play with everyone and just have a good ole time outside! (I really like being inside though, so I worked really hard on not messing up in the house or my crate!)
As you can see, I love sun bathing! The warmth feels so good to my belly. 

I have all of my shots, I'm microchipped and spayed city for me! I'm good on a leash and I know how to sit..... I have princess-puppy skills like that! You know.... I am also good around those little chirpy things at tractor supply. They have funny feet, but oh well, I just maxed and relaxed on their nice cool floor.

Now, you might see others, but you thing you surely wont forget about me are my ears. I love them to be scratched and rubbed and as you can see, they are puppy-dog dopplers!