Meet your true love here! At Odin's Orphans, we pride ourselves on finding you the perfect match.
From the most laid back to the most out going, we will help find you the love of you life!
  1. Executive Director
    Big & Small, love'em all!
    The fur-ternity life was fun, but I'm ready for a home life adventure now. I like to go hard with my friends on occasion though! Interest: kisses, hugs and more kisses; Dislikes: catching mess from others!!
  2. Executive Director
    Remus- 1 year
    Smooth & Mystic
    I know, I look all regal and thankfully I'm not as vain as I look. I'm a natural Don Wan, the ladies love me. Interest: Cuddling & watching TV Dislikes: Not into dog groups
  3. Executive Director
    Roman, 2-3 yrs old
    NKOTB Groupie
    I love a good bark box, walking, have my tongue smack my face in the wind & I've been known to do an occasional hump (who doesn't have a quirk) Interest: car rides, outdoors, kids Dislikes: self-absorbers,
  4. Executive Director
    Lovable and Hugable
    I may be shy out of the gate but I will warm up. Looking someone to show me world and love me unconditionally. There's lots of me and its all love! Interest: families, friends and food Dislikes: eccentric places
  5. Executive Director
    Fun & Free
    I have a startup in romance, I'm neutered, not looking to father a litter. It's a work hard and play even harder life for me! Interest: Running, Food & Friends Dislikes: Loud Mouthes
  6. Executive Director
    Ozzy- NKOTB
    Into quirky ears
    I'm a newbie to the family searching world. I can be shy at first but I slowly come out of my shell Interest: other dogs, toys Dislikes: new places
  7. Executive Director
    Levi, about 2 years old
    I go BIG!
    I'm a NKOTB, into big smiles, drolly tongues and the energetic type. I am full of personality.....single and ready to mingle Interest: running, playing, doggie daycare Dislikes: Couch Taters
  8. Executive Director
    Campbell- 4 years old
    Toy Connoisseur
    I am into friends, the 2 legged and 4 legged, and I am a lover of toys! I am a good listener and looking to settle down with the right person. Interest: toys, showing off my command and listening skills
  9. Executive Director
    Yoda- 2 years old
    The Force is with Me
    I'm al about the attention. I am a fun loving, go with the flow gent who loves a good snuggle or good hike Interest: everyone and everybody Dislikes: the fur kitty things that purr!
  10. Executive Director
  11. Executive Director